Relationship Between The Wellness And Health

Relationship Between The Wellness And Health

Wellness is always considered as an active process to be aware of making the choices for developing a healthy life as well as to enjoy a happy life. Wellness is more than being from the illness as it is the dynamic process of growth and change. Based on various definition and methods, wellness is defined as state of complete mental, physical and social well-being, and not merely the absence of any diseases or infirmity, according to the world health organization.

Wellness is also defined as a conscious, evolving and self-directed process of achieving the full potential in the life, according to The National Wellness Institute.Wealth mainly refers to the state of being in an optimal condition both mentally as well as physical health.

It is all about the personal responsibilities, the regular stress people are facing and about the proactive steps that are necessary to take for a better future and to make the present more beautiful.

Therefore, it means that a person who is living their life is responsible for any losses they are facing or for controlling the risks that have the chances of harming the life. There is less difference between the health and wellness. In general, health refers to the physical body that is free from any diseases, whereas,

The wellness is defined as the balance of the entire body that includes the spiritual sense, social effects, mental stress, intellectual part, occupational well-being, environmental factors as well as the physical strength.